1. The story
2. Psych. process
In addition to the superior theme and actual ritual as dynamic processes in the TV show, there is also the projection onto static objects, either people (heroes) or things (fetishes). In both cases the projection binds the television-viewing subject with the objective elements of the TV show. The resultant identification forms the breeding ground for subsequent interaction.

The identification is considerably more demanding if the hero is not an acclaimed Hollywood star but rather a previously anonymous hero from the midst of consumers. The hero is not a "star" but a "starlet".


Things can also be the target of the interaction-promoting projection. These are fetishes.

Both heroes and fetishes can have a symbolic secondary significance alongside their primary significance. This means, they stand in representation of something invisible, an emotion.



Harald Molina-Tillmann

Introduction to interactive television

3. Theme
4. Ritual

5. Hero, fetish and symbol

5. Hero, fetish, symb.
6. Suspense curve
Preliminary remarks
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